Where to find Lauren Tormey in the online world

In preparation for a potential Twitter collapse, here are all the places you can find or connect with me online. I’m specifying what content I post on each.

This post is a copy of a thread I posted on Twitter.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for all things content design, including conference announcements. Here’s me presenting at ContentEd 2022 conference.

I post all my content design and immigration related blog posts here.

Connect with or follow me on LinkedIn

2. Facebook

I post all my immigration and running related blog posts here.

It’s a private account, so I’d only be comfortable accepting a friend request if you’re someone I’ve interacted with before, whether online or in person.

Friend me on Facebook

3. Medium

I post all my immigration and life related posts here. You can sign up for email alerts when I post something new.

Follow me on Medium

4. Laurunning

Me smiling while running through a field in the Yorkshire Dales on a sunny day.
I write about races I run, like this summer’s Yorkshire Dales Festival 16 mile run.

This is my running blog where I write about all my races.

There’s no longer a subscribe option for this blog, but I’ll start to reference new posts on Medium, so you can get my personal blog post updates all in one place.


5. Future Student Online Experiences

This is my team’s blog. These are the posts I share on LinkedIn but highlighting you can subscribe to new post notifications through the sign-up widget.

Future Student Online Experiences

Future platforms

I haven’t created a Mastodon account and would only consider it if Twitter is completely gone.

But if I do get an account there or another platform, I’ll mention this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, and the about page of Laurunning.

Laurunning About page



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Lauren Tormey

Content Designer. Runner. Immigrant. I write about things related to all 3.