How the UK immigration system hurts people: September 2021

This month’s recap features continuing to house asylum seekers in unsafe conditions and keeping hundreds of thousands of EU citizens in limbo with Settlement Scheme applications still awaiting decisions.

About my monthly recaps

  • how the monthly running challenge went (on my running blog)
  • what happened in the world of UK immigration and asylum in the past month (here on Medium)

Past recaps

Refusing to resettle Afghan refugees if they arrive in UK through small boat Channel crossings

Making refugees live on £39 a week

Placing Afghan refugees in hotels for an indefinite amount of time because of no housing plans

Dragging immigrants into destitution because of No Recourse to Public Funds

Deporting 828 people in 2020 and spending £9 million on flights for it

Refusing blanket amnesty for 3,000 Afghan asylum seekers in the UK

Enabling GP surgeries to wrongly refuse to register undocumented immigrants

Taking 8 months on average to decide on people’s ability to stay in the UK (when they’re promised 8 weeks instead)

Holding child asylum seekers in unregulated hotel accommodation

Not providing hygiene essentials to Afghan asylum seekers in government accommodation

Planning to send boats with migrants in them back across the Channel…

…even though it’s illegal and endangers lives

Making a teenage asylum seeker fear he was going to be deported so he committed suicide

Planning to use armoured jet skis to push back boats carrying migrants

Deporting someone who now fears for his life

Rejecting an application for a British citizen’s EU citizen wife to move to the UK

Potentially criminalising Afghan refugees through new borders bill

Planning an asylum overhaul which will lead to direct racial discrimination

Not deciding on hundreds of thousands EU Settlement Scheme applications 10 weeks after the deadline

Wrongly hounding migrant women to pay for maternity care

Failing to rectify issues with housing asylum seekers in military barracks

Charging an asylum seeker £100,000 in hospital bills

Making Windrush victims wait on average 434 days for compensation

Initially rejecting the application of a boy to join his brother in the UK, claiming there was insufficient evidence of a close relationship

Planning to house Afghan refugees in temporary hotel accommodation for months

Breaking international law through new asylum plan

Issuing confusing documentation rules that will likely lead to EU citizens being barred from flights

Letting EU student reclaim the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge, but only if they agree not to work while studying

Offering an insulting three-month visa to combat driver and poultry worker shortages

Speedily removing potential victims of trafficking from the UK

Not planning to give asylum seekers the right to work despite promised review

Dumping child refugees in unsafe hotels

Creating the conditions leading to a child migrant dying while trying to reach the UK

Cramming asylum seekers in 24-bed hostel rooms despite Covid-19 risk

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