How the UK immigration system hurts people: November 2021

About my monthly recaps

I’m spending 2021 doing a monthly running challenge to fundraise for the Join Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI).

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As part of the fundraiser, I will be writing a monthly blog post on:

  • how the monthly running challenge went (on my running blog)
  • what happened in the world of UK immigration and asylum in the past month (here on Medium)

Past recaps

Now let’s get to November 2021.

Jailing an ambulance driver for being undocumented

Deporting someone who has been in the UK since he was 3 months old

Not allowing asylum seekers to work

Not letting NHS doctors’ elderly dependants live in the UK

Depriving Brits of citizenship without telling them

Not having any biometric appointments available in Scotland for a month

This means that visa applicants either have to travel very far to give fingerprints and get a picture taken, or they will have to wait even longer to get in the queue for a their application to be decided on.

This is a process that you used to be able to do for free at your local post office.

Creating the conditions causing migrants to die crossing the Channel…


…and again…

…or risk dying

Not compensating a Windrush victim who can now not pay for his son’s funeral

Deporting non-criminals to Jamaica

Contributing to the death of an asylum seeker

Refusing to release the results of the public consultation on the Nationality and Borders Bill

Destroying protections for modern slavery victims through new immigration bill

Denying an HIV patient life-saving treatment while in detention

Attempting to deport someone with dangerously high blood pressure at risk of dying during the flight

Creating additional barriers to stateless children obtaining British citizenship

Still not reopening the Afghan Resettlement Scheme 3 months after being announced

Going ahead with a deportation flight with 4 people on it after dozens removed by legal challenges

Not giving EU citizens physical proof of status leading to people being denied boarding on flights back to the UK

Keeping family members apart by delaying issuing visas

Telling EU citizens with settled status they have pre-settled status after they upload new identity documents

Creating an HGV driver visa scheme so awful only 9 people applied for it

Giving immigration enforcement power to decide on human trafficking cases

Making undocumented migrants avoid getting the vaccine because they fear deportation

Potentially damaging the mental health of Border Force officers who might hurt people if ‘pushback’ plans go ahead

Preventing Windrush victims from applying to the compensation scheme because they distrust the Home Office

Trying to deport a 75-year-old woman who has lived in the UK since 1968

Barring asylum seekers from work

Trying to fly migrants to Albania for off-shore processing

Detaining a trafficking victim for 269 days

Placing unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in hotels

Refusing to release study of why refugees come to the UK

Costing taxpayers £4.4 million in admin costs for incorrectly refusing asylum applications

Keeping someone in detention who has bought his own plane ticket home because deporting him on a charter flight instead will count towards removal statistics

Opening up a visa scheme for prize-winning scientists and receiving no applications

Treating asylum seekers with performative cruelty

Shutting young migrants out from getting student loans through harsh Student Finance England treatment

Not yet developing Home Office staff training that was promised following the Windrush scandal

Denying EU citizens British citizenship if they didn’t have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance

Creating problems in the asylum system through chronic delays, a culture of disbelief, and more

Compensating just 5% of Windrush victims in 4 years

Ignoring warnings that policies would increase Channel crossings

Ignoring migrants’ calls for help in the Channel

Angry? Disgusted? Ashamed? Then donate

If you are in any way appalled at what you just read happens in a single month in the world of UK immigration, please consider donating to my fundraiser for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

They’re doing the important work to both help those affected by the system, and help end the abuses of the system.

Donate to my JustGiving page




Content Designer. Runner. Immigrant. I write about things related to all 3.

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Lauren Tormey

Lauren Tormey

Content Designer. Runner. Immigrant. I write about things related to all 3.

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