How the UK immigration system hurts people: December 2021

About my monthly recaps

I’m spending 2021 doing a monthly running challenge to fundraise for the Join Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI).

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As part of the fundraiser, I will be writing a monthly blog post on:

  • how the monthly running challenge went (on my running blog)
  • what happened in the world of UK immigration and asylum in the past month (here on Medium)

Past recaps

Now let’s get to December 2021.

Making free visa appointments consistently unavailable

Having to make an exception in legislation to not make saving lives a crime

Breaching UK human rights obligations through pushback plans

Keeping 45% of EUSS applicants waiting on a decision by the end of September

Forcing a Windrush victim into destitution and barring them from returning to the UK for 2.5 years

Allowing for 6 million people to be eligible to have their citizenship stripped

Promising to take refugees in as long ago as 2018 but still not bringing them in to the UK

Planning legislation which will impact vulnerable children seeking safety in Northern Ireland

Refusing permission for 1,000 EU nationals to stay in Milton Keynes

Planning to process asylum applications offshore, potentially creating a British Guantanamo Bay

Taking a significantly long time to process visa applications

Not yet designing an Afghan resettlement scheme

Not allowing Afghans to apply to a resettlement scheme

Looking to profit from closing borders to asylum seekers

Allowing incompetent firms to provide legal advice to immigration detainees

Lord chancellor faces JR over immigration detainees’ legal advice (The Law Society Gazette)

Creating toxic and racist culture at an immigration removal centre

Sending more than 100 UK asylum seekers back home after taking them in as kids

Keeping the asylum seeker work ban in place

Trying to deport someone born in the UK and who had never left the country

Continuing to house asylum seekers in military barracks

Planning to change the maximum prison sentence for overstaying your visa from 6 months to up to 4 years

Not giving the Afghan resettlement scheme appropriate resources

Only compensating 5% of Windrush victims in the last 4 years

Not allowing Afghan refugees to use more than 3,000 spare rooms offered by UK households

Making it more difficult for Afghans who worked with the British to seek protections in the UK

Making EU citizens with pre-settled status reapply for settled status or lose their right to live in the UK

Making it easier to deport long-term residents who claim right to family life to stay in UK

Not creating a firewall between police and immigration enforcement, which would have let victims report domestic abuse without fear

Refusing to publish evidence to support claim that allowing asylum seekers to work would create a ‘pull factor’

Denying settled status to a mother of British children who has lived in the UK for years

Failing to act when a boat carrying migrants started sinking

Planning to penalise abuse victims for the criminal acts they were forced to carry out

Placing asylum seekers in accommodation that is not fit to live in

Triggering a wave of unlawful prosecutions by targeting asylum seekers who steer boats crossing the Channel

Planning to location-tag asylum seekers who cross the Channel

Planning to open Afghan resettlement scheme — 5 months after it was announced

Still leaving behind more than half of Afghans who were promised sanctuary in the UK for working with British forces

Enabling more exploitation in the UK through new borders bill

Fixing figures to cover up resettling fewer Afghans than previously stated

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If you are in any way appalled at what you just read happens in a single month in the world of UK immigration, please consider donating to my fundraiser for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

They’re doing the important work to both help those affected by the system, and help end the abuses of the system.

Donate to my JustGiving page




Content Designer. Runner. Immigrant. I write about things related to all 3.

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Lauren Tormey

Lauren Tormey

Content Designer. Runner. Immigrant. I write about things related to all 3.


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