• Tim J Gray

    Tim J Gray

  • Thia Malan

    Thia Malan

  • Yasuhiro Yoshida

    Yasuhiro Yoshida

    Software Engineer who loves travel, animation, high tech, gadgets, Tango Argentino, samba, movies, and making the world a better place!

  • Duncan Stephen

    Duncan Stephen

    Human-centred approaches — https://duncanstephen.net/

  • Stéphanie Krus

    Stéphanie Krus

    Service Designer & Web Developer — Accessibility advocate — French in Scotland —She/her— - - Now writing on my blog: https://blog.chezleskrus.com/

  • Alex Nogues

    Alex Nogues

    Senior UX Consultant at Sopra Steria UK

  • Richard Callaghan

    Richard Callaghan

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