I need you to understand the cruelty of the hostile environment, and then write your MP to put an end to it.

I recently posted a 114-tweet long thread on Twitter on the spectrum of hurt caused by the UK immigration system’s hostile environment. This post is a copy of that thread in blog form.

I’m finally a permanent resident

After 9 years in the UK, I’m finally a permanent resident.

If your instinct is to congratulate me, don’t. Don’t congratulate me on surviving a cruel immigration system.

Instead, I need you to:

  • read this post
  • share it
  • write to your MP to end the hostile environment

Let’s change the narrative on immigration

I have been intentionally keeping my mouth shut on this topic because I didn’t feel I had a right or that it was safe for me to speak out while my life here was considered ‘temporary’. …

Lauren Tormey

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